Is it normal to have a couple of gray hairs at 20?

Posted on November 16, 2019 in Hairstyles Tips

Is it normal to have a couple of gray hairs at 20?

Nowadays, most of the young people are suffering from health related problems because they are not following proper diet plan and exercise.

At the same time, stress is one of the major causes for grey hair. Sometimes, gray hair might indicate illness especially when it occurs at the young age.

There are tons of the reasons there for grey which includes vitamin B12 deficiency, tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis, thyroid disease and alopecia aerate.

Your hair might go grey when cells are responsible to give hair color stop being produced. If you have a couple of gray hairs at 20 then you must find out the root cause for it.

Reasons for getting grey hair

getting grey hairThere are vast numbers of the reasons there for getting a few grey hairs in 20s which includes

  • When color producing cell might stop to produce pigment
  • Premature graying linked to the genetics
  • Gender and ethnicity
  • Some medical condition
  • Smoking habits
  • Stress

Suppose your body stops to produce melanin then you can get the grey hair. Another factor is that build-up of the hydrogen peroxide in hair.

According to the report says that premature graying might be in all genes when your grandparents and parents went grey early.

As we know, going gray is considered as natural process. If you are suffering from specific diseases like vitiligo, anemia and vitamin B-12 deficiency then you might find some grey hair in 20.

Studies say that there is significant correlation between smoking and onset of the grey hair. Smoking habit is not only linked to the premature grey hair but also it belongs to the baldness.

Chemicals in the smoke might break down hair cells and damage the hair.

Everything to know about grey hair

Daily stress or life trauma might cause premature graying and stress hormone might affect melanocytes in hair. You can take advantage on the lotions, tonics, creams, scalp massage or vitamins helps to prevent greying.

If you wish to cover up the sliver strands, then using hair dye is the finest option. The pigment provides color to your hair which is known as melanin and it is really beneficial to hair growth.

As we know, vitamin V-12 deficiency might be caused by autoimmune disease like alopecia areata and it might cause your immune system for attacking hair follicles. The best ways to get rid of from grey hair is that you are advisable to do medication and exercise.