What colour eyeliner should an older woman wear?

Posted on May 23, 2019 in Makeup for Mature

What colour eyeliner should an older woman wear?

Before you start thinking about your color of eyeliner for older women, you have to prep your eyes with primer and eye cream, this will assist to moisturize the sensitive thin area around the eyes and pave the way for your eye shadow from fading throughout the day.

The silicones in the primer will assure your color glides on effortlessly. Follow with a thin layer of foundation that will support to hide any blood veins and stains.

When considering on eye shadow colors, it is essential not to overwork it, stick to 2 – 3 colors that charm your natural skin colors, such as bronze and muted browns beiges that give the eye outline without looking too coated.

Applying white in the center of the eyelid will assist to give your eyes pop and present them appear more generous than they are.

A few tips for an older woman to choose the colour of the eyeliner:

If you get aged, then your eyelashes grow less and as a consequence woman will tend to draw a thick line over the lower and upper lid in an effort to try to magnify them.

Hard edges, though, can be ageing and a lighter more blended appearance can distract attention away from the more visible signs of ageing.

You may have a question that what color eyeliner should an older woman wear? Greys, browns, beiges, and creams are complementary, helping to provide the eyes clarity whilst not looking too overdone.


Bold lipsticks, Thick eyeliner, layered shimmery eye shadow and clumpy mascara are all applications that can look fading and want to be avoided on older skin.

The bad makeup application, particularly around the eyes, will emphasize creepy eyelids and fine wrinkles and lines.

For a more mature look use shades that are more alike to your skin tone that has been artfully mixed in so they look exact and classy.