Does putting mascara on your bottom lashes make your eyes look bigger?

Posted on February 22, 2020 in Eye Makeup

Does putting mascara on your bottom lashes make your eyes look bigger?

Makeup conscious women of all age groups explore the latest collection of makeup products and suggestions regarding the cheap and best makeup procedures to look young and beautiful at all times.

You may have decided to make your eyes look bigger than usual. This is worthwhile putting mascara on bottom lashes make eyes look bigger and fulfil your wishes about an easy way to enhance the overall eyes.

Prefer and buy the best eye makeup products

Many teens and adults spend enough time for their eye makeup and eyelashes. They consider every aspect of the makeup techniques suggested for enhancing the appearance of eyes.

They have to know the role of the eye mascara and make certain about how to properly use this product.

Women who suffer from small eyes and associated beauty problems these days think about how to make their eyes look bigger than usual.

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They can use the high-quality mascara in the best possible way and get the desired enhancement in the size and appearance of their eyes.

As an important tool in the eye makeup kit, mascara attracts almost everyone who likes to make a well-informed decision to buy a brand-new makeup kit specially designed to improve their eyes.

You can make eyes look bigger with putting mascara on bottom lashes as per guidelines and realize your wishes about the enhanced eyes from top to bottom. This is advisable to apply the blush and make your cheeks prominent and glowing.

Make your eyes look big

Every woman who has decided to create the best impact of big eyes can choose the exact right brush and waterproof mascara. Once you have chosen this brush, you can apply mascara to make eyes look bigger than normal size. You can begin with the curling process of lashes.

You can use a clean eyelash curler to softly curl the lashes. You must check the thickness of the mascara while dipping the brush 2 to 3 times.


Now, you must wipe out the additional liquid on the mascara lid’s top. Do not apply too much mascara liquid because it makes a lumpy look to the eyes.


You must apply the mascara over your upper lash at first and slop it straight visible in the gentle way for three strokes and apply mascara into the bottom lash.

The last part of this procedure is to cover up any mess around the eyes with the makeup remover liquid.