How do I keep my eye makeup from smudging in nasty weather?

Posted on June 12, 2019 in Eye Makeup

How do I keep my eye makeup from smudging in nasty weather?

Every woman who wears the eye makeup knows the horror of seeing them in the mirror middle of the day, simply to see that your mascara has smudged, giving you with panda bear eyes.

Smudging of kajal and to prevent eye makeup from smudging in rainy weather is a very big problem, because it spoils the entire look and forms dark shade under the eyes. There can be various reasons for this and they are:

  1. The Kajal you have chosen is not accurately smudge-proof as the name implies.
  2. Some people’s eyes moisten more than normal which further makes the kajal to smudge
  3. The eye makeup you apply is not suitable for you and may hurt, so you may eventually rub your eyes making it smudge.


A few tips to keep eye makeup from smudging in nasty weather:

Actually, the products you used to wear eye makeup is quite soft and creamy in touch and very pigmented. They are likewise much pigmented, so if you own oily eyelids, they will smudge. Hence follow the steps below to stop eye makeup from smudging.

  1. Buy good eye makeup products which endure for at least 6-8 hours.
  2. Afore applying eye makeup, apply a coating of concealer/foundation below the eye region, near your water-line
  3. Apply any compact powder or some loose powder all over the eye region
  4. Now use the kohl/kajal on your waterline
  5. Take an angled brush or gel-liner brush
  6. Optional step: Take a brush and dip some black eye-shadow on it and put on the waterline. This will cause the eye makeup to remain for a good 8–9 hours

Buy a kaval which arrives in sleek stick form as they don’t smudge too much and keep eye makeup from smudging in nasty weather.

If you apply concealer, confirm that the under eye region is coated with powder before using any mascara. That can make mascara to run, because of the oil on your skin.