How to make homemade eye makeup remover?

Posted on April 20, 2020 in Eye Makeup

How to make homemade eye makeup remover?

When it comes to finding the best makeup remover solutions, there are many good choices available for removing makeup naturally.

Oil cleansing

Actually, cleaning with oil can dissolve the excess oil in your face. But you should use the right oils that can balance overly oily skin or dry, because the oil cleansing can greatly work for any skin type. This diy eye makeup remover might be simplest of all. The recommended oils to use for makeup remover are olive and castor oil.

rose waterUse the following cleansing methods as an eye makeup remover

Use a quarter sized quantity of oil and massage on your face for one to couple of minutes.

Marinate a clean wash cloth in hot water and bring it out, before placing it through your face. You just allow it to sit and warm up your face for one minute.

Take a clean side of the cloth to wipe your skin and let the thin layer of oil left just behind to stay and also soak it into your skin.

Use witch hazel as an eye makeup remover

Use witch hazel on its personal or diluted 50:50 with water.

Marinate the corner of a cotton makeup pad or a wash cloth to remove makeup in rotating motions.

Use aloe Vera as an eye makeup remover

Take a small container and mix equal portions of raw honey and aloe Vera gel.

Then, add two table spoon of your oil of choice for each one cup of cleanser.

Also use an enormous mixing to combine the ingredients until the paste forms. Then, you can store it in an airtight container and be sure to keep the cleanser in a refrigerator, if it consists of preservative free and fresh aloe Vera.

You can use a small dipper of cleanser to remove the eye makeup by gently massaging it around your eyes for one to couple of minutes before rinsing clean with cold water.

Rose water eye makeup remover

For this DIY natural makeup remover, there are two major ingredients to be used such as rose water and jojoba oil.

Take and mix one ounce of rose water and jojoba oil and then apply it around your eyes.


Whenever you are fed up with store bought makeup remover and feel irritated skin, you must surely attempt to make homemade eye makeup remover mentioned above that works well and also better for your skin.