What is the difference between using brow powder and brow pencil?

Posted on March 27, 2019 in Eye Makeup

What is the difference between using brow powder and brow pencil?

The eyebrows in human face is now becoming one of the highest beauty obsessions and many womens are trying to expose their beauty elegantly.

Among many products, brow pencil and brow powder constitute plays a very important role. But, most often time women get confused to understand what brow pencil and brow powder is.

To make this confusable topic clear, we have explained here about the exact difference between using brow powder and brow pencil.

Brow pencil vs brow powder

Both of these important components in makeup kit play a very vital role in providing excess beauty for a woman. But both of these have similar differences and they are

brow pencil

Brow pencil

This will have a pencil like structure and it is particularly used to fill the brows exact strokes which mimics the own hair of a woman.

These pencils are of different colors and it can be chosen based on the taste of the individual. While using this eye brow pencil minute attention and care has to be taken as it may create unnatural look if not done properly.

Brow powders

This is a kind of powder which is used to fill up the spaces of the skin which are found between the minute hairs. Creating the appearance of fuller is the best feature of this powder and more defined arches can be obtained in the finishing look.

It creates a natural look for the user and nothing odd can be found after using it. Using this powder is also quite easy when compared to brow pencil and a single angle brush will be more than enough to apply this powder.

These are all about both the brow powder and brow pencil and using brow powder vs brow pencil will have vast differences.

Finally, it is very much important to understand the diff between eyebrow powders vs pencil to obtain gorgeous finishing look.