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18 Hangövägen
Stockholm, Stockholms län, 115 41


HAHA is a design company that creates, develops and produces unique one of a kind design furniture and accessories. HAHA is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


The Vima collection is a product of HAHA's upbringing. A tribute to the chunky and bold architectural structures surrounding their childhood homes. They pay homage to the great Bauhaus era but with their own experiences and feelings. The Vima collection consists of a lounge chair, a floor lamp, a mirror, and a side table.


Created in 2015, Stockholm



Vima mirror

As part of the Vima collection, the Vima mirror stays true to the collection's form and language by keeping the thick and bold circular structure. The circular tube is attached onto the mirror with a 2 centimetre distance, and acts as a floating frame for the mirror.

H: 6.4 cm W: 62 cm L: 62 cm



Vima side table

The Vima side table is constructed with a tube frame that continues up to the table’s top surface and becoming a natural set of handles. Following the motto of form follows function.

H: 54 cm W: 34.5 cm L: 34.5 cm



Vima floor lamp

The Vima floor lamp grabs inspiration from outdoor luminaries. The straight tube flows down into a circular handle where the knob is located. The base of the lamp is cut from one piece of black granite which further stabilises the entire floor lamp.

H: 215 cm W: 30 cm L: 57.5 cm




The Vima lounge chair

The Vima lounge chair is proof of how great engineering can be combined with great design. The tube, even though it’s separated at parts, flows continuously to create the structure of the chair. The seating is from vegetable tanned organic black leather and the arm handles are made out of Swedish oak.

H: 75 cm W: 82 cm L: 99 cm