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18 Hangövägen
Stockholm, Stockholms län, 115 41


HAHA is a design company that creates, develops and produces unique one of a kind design furniture and accessories. HAHA is based in Stockholm, Sweden.



For the Stockholm Design Week 2018, HAHA was asked to shape and visualize Lambert & Fil's new collection The Mile for its European launch in an exhibition in Stockholm.

The exhibition name, Symbiosis - from Greek: living together refers to the interaction between HAHA and Lambert & Fils, but also the symbiosis that always exists between different species or identities. Symbiosis can be defined as togetherness and is a form of cohabitation between two different parties. In a symbiosis, one believes that it is always more beneficial to exist together, rather than to be separate structures.  

For the Mile collection, the fixtures were developed to fit in the home environment, as well as in a gallery or an office. We wanted to transfer that idea and place the luminaires in a new context. That they, despite their surroundings, still fall to justice and can be in symbiosis with their environment. 

For the Symbiosis exhibition, the Mile collection was surrounded by wildflowers and plants that hanged down from the ceiling and was a reference to the canopies high above the ground. It also refers to the intimate interaction between nature and object, and how these contrasts can create mutual benefits. More specifically, how the luminaires could enhance their environment, and the environment also reinforces the luminaires.