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18 Hangövägen
Stockholm, Stockholms län, 115 41


HAHA is a design company that creates, develops and produces unique one of a kind design furniture and accessories. HAHA is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Working on light


A concept sketch of our new candleholder collection

A concept sketch of our new candleholder collection

We are always happy to work on new projects. And with winter slowly approaching, we need to keep ourselves warm and cozy! HAHA’s latest project is a lighting collection, as well as a candle holder collection.

Yu-Ching worked on the setting for the photo session of the candleholder

Yu-Ching worked on the setting for the photo session of the candleholder

Above is a sneak peak of the candle holder from our photoshoot this past week. We'll share more insight of the new product with you soon. Enjoy and keep on laughing!    

Our friend, Isak the wizard king


This past Thursday we visited Isak Nordell at his magical workshop in Bagarmossen. He is truly the Wizard King when it comes to building and constructing machines. He knows it all! And that’s why he is helping us with our Vima floor lamp. Since every component of the lamp is custom made, we figured that Isak is the man to turn to. Even our specially ordered dimmer boards are picked apart and then soldered back together just to fit the custom 3D printed shell in which it all sits in. We are talking millimetre precision here!

But since our floor lamps are individually handmade - there will always be some issues regarding size and fitting, which of course needs to be solved. To spend time like this, with creative craftsmen, in their own workshops and to learn from them, is the best lesson you can get. Work like this takes time and is often quite tiring. However, it’s also very rewarding to witness the final product coming to life.

Isak is somebody we always like to come back to. Whether it’s for help or just for advice. He is one of those people that, kind of, knows everything - and more than often has a solution for it!

We Love you Isak! Tack!

Visit to Enköping


Last Friday, we visited Sven-Eric a.k.a. Svenne in Enköping. Svenne is the man we use for our Vima collection. He has a medium size metal workshop in the town of Enköping, about 1 hour drive west of Stockholm. 11:00 o’clock is mandatory fika time at Svennes. We always try to time that when visiting him.

His daughter and son in law also work with him and they have 3 other employees. It’s a small family run business where nothing is impossible. Where years of experience have shaped them into excellent craftsmen and women. These are the unique features that we at HAHA are looking for when collaborating with producers. We are proud to work with people like Svenne and his family.

TACK för fikat!

HAHA in Taiwan


In the early autumn in 2015, after finalising the design of the Vima collection in Stockholm, we traveled to Yu-Ching’s home country, Taiwan. The purpose of the journey is to source, produce, and to learn from the master craftsmen and women in Taiwan. They have earned its renowned reputation by producing some of the finest products in the world, as well as their openness and creative mindset.

Sourcing and searching for the right manufacturer took away a lot of our time, it’s hard and tiring, but also very rewarding. And it’s because of that, the journey gave us thorough insights regarding production techniques as well as a deeper appreciation for the spirit of handcrafted objects.

By the end of the journey, we managed to find a tube bending factory in Southern Taiwan to produce the tubular part of the Vima collection for us. And we also got in contact with a skilled leather smith in Northern Taiwan to help us on the leather piece of the lounge chair.

Without the people we met and the experience we gained in Taiwan, HAHA wouldn’t be able to present the Vima collection to the world. For that, we wanna say “Thank you!” to this beautiful country. And we will keep on adventuring into the unknown realm, just like we did in Taiwan, to bring more interesting and exciting stuff to you guys. Stay tuned…