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18 Hangövägen
Stockholm, Stockholms län, 115 41


HAHA is a design company that creates, develops and produces unique one of a kind design furniture and accessories. HAHA is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


"HAHA is laughter, and laughter is happiness. It’s about paying homage to whatever makes us happy and staying true to ourselves. It’s about being genuine - just like laughter itself."


What we do

HAHA creates, develops and produces unique design works. Whether it’s a commissioned or self initiated project, we use our skills to create works that are loved and easy to care for. We strongly believe in working closely with our clients in order to provide the best collaboration possible. We investigate in how furniture and objects can teach us of what they actually are, or are capable of, and how that affects us both poetically and physically. 

Vision & values

At HAHA we believe in honesty and fair play, as well as always striving for uniqueness and providing a sense of poetic spirituality. We also pay great attention to the production techniques and manufacturing processes in order to achieve the best results. Each project is different and requires different knowledge and approaches. We try to stay true to our projects but without loosing the aesthetic or emotional touch that connects the work of HAHA. For us, identity has always been an important part of what we do and who we are. Part of that identity also comes from the values that HAHA believes in. To create a more sustainable process that benefits both ends of the design scope has been key for us since day one. The topics of environmental, economical and social sustainability will always be important elements in the growth of HAHA. 

How we work

We at HAHA believe that design should be looked upon as a tool of improving ones mind and body. It’s an essential part of our lives, and should be treated with great respect and attention. Therefore we have a couple of guidelines that we use to make sure all our products are as good as they can be.


To have a balance between the poetical and the material. People have many different needs, both emotional and physical, and we believe that objects and furnitures should try to address a wider spectrum of these feelings rather than focusing on function or purpose only. Used correctly, physical products can be an amplifier for emotional development in both mind and spirit.


We think it is important to play and to experiment in order to learn and develop. We believe we can make products that can trigger different types of emotional sparks. It’s important to feel in order to evaluate. Even more so, to be surrounded with objects that can trigger ones imagination. 


We always have a positive view on new materials and different combinations of it, as well as new techniques. We believe that the development of materials and processes is something positive, and that it should be embraced and used for good.


A safe and positive attitude towards a sustainable environment is something that we always strive for. To source, produce, and co-operate with people that share the same beliefs as us. We always try to support social, economical, and environmental awareness in all segments of HAHA’s growth.


HAHA’s greatest wish is to make people smile and laugh. When we develop products we try to experiment and co-create together with both craftsmen and other artist to make sure that the products are both beautiful and well constructed. No matter what the purpose of the product is, we believe that it should always start with a smile. That smile is the magic that HAHA brings to the table. 


HAHA acknowledges our social and environmental responsibilities. Based on our capabilities, we initiative to protect the workers and the environment in the areas in which we operate in and we continuously seek to improve conditions regarding our production techniques as well as our social impact towards the society. 

Code of conduct

HAHA supports the human rights act and expects our business partners to do likewise. We are strongly against child- and forced labor. We acknowledge diversity and the rights of employees. Therefore we will not accept any kind of discrimination or violations of rights.

HAHA acts in compliance with Swedish and national law, and consider this the minimum standard for our company as well as for our business partners. Where possible, we always strive to raise standards.

HAHA cares about the safety and well-being of our employees and partners at all times. We strive to provide a healthy environment and expect our business partners to do the same.

HAHA cares about the environment with concern for the future. We focus on the long term consequences of our activities and strive to prevent and minimise our impacts on our earth. We expect the same from all parties throughout our supply chain to secure the best possible conditions for future generations.